“My Dear Tango Wear” – Creating Unique Stylish Women’s Tango Clothes and Dance Wear

The Philosophy

My Dear Tango Wear is a range of unique stylish women’s tango clothes and dance wear, created and 100% handmade by its creator and designer Wendy Dear in Australia.  Each piece of clothing is not only comfortable to wear, but is also stylish, elegant, versatile and flattering of the female body.

The Journey

Wendy is passionate in Argentine tango and has been a dancer for many years.  Argentine Tango is not just a dance.  It embodies the culture of dance, art, music and of course, fashion.  For a long time, it has been frustrating that there is a lack of comfortable and stylish clothing suitable for tango dancing.  The clothes available from stores are generally either too rigid, restricting or uncomfortable to wear for dancing.  So Wendy, drawing from her experience as a tango dancer, created her own collection of tango or dance wear.

Initially, she made individual pieces for her own use.  After receiving many compliments and requests, she started making tango clothes for the ladies in her tango community.  Hence, My Dear Tango Wear was born. It gives Wendy great pleasure to be able to make beautiful tango clothes for the ladies in the tango community.  It has developed into something she greatly love and enjoy.

The Collection

My Dear Tango Wear uses the highest quality fabrics and materials.  They include stretchy materials, such as stretch jersey, stretch lace, or flowy materials, such as satin, silk and chiffon.  As a result, each piece of My Dear Tango Wear clothes  accentuates the feminine silhouette, enhances dancers’ movements, without compromising on style and functionality.  To maintain the uniqueness and individuality of each item of clothing Wendy makes, she sources only limited quantities of each fabric or print.  Being the seamstress herself, Wendy makes sure that every piece of garment reaches you in the highest quality of craftsmanship.

My Dear Tango Wear collection includes these categories: Skirts, Dresses, Tops, Outfits and Pants.  You are sure to choose something to express your own personality and individuality for that magical tango night.


“My Dear Tango Wear” Tango Clothes in Action in Buenos Aires

Wendy recently road-tested her multi-coloured geometric print tango pants in a tango class in Buenos Aires Argentina – the capital of tango.  The pants received plenty of positive remarks and complements.  They are not only stylish and elegant, but also very practical.



The tango pants created by My Dear Tango Wear are made of high quality stretch jersey,  They come in different sizes, colours and prints, have either a stretch lace waistband, or stretch jersey waistband, slits down the sides of both legs and elasticised cuffs.  They are super comfortable to wear and are great for tango classes, workshops, practicas and milongas.

Check out My Dear Tango Wear – “Pants” section for a selection of different styles of beautiful women’s tango pants.