Multi-Colour Circular Shapes Tango Skirt (M)


Gorgeous hip-hugging tango skirt featuring a multi-coloured fan-shaped fishtail with black stretchy jersey main body. The stretch-enhanced fabric allows you plenty of freedom for danceable movement.  The light ruching on back hip and the fan-shaped fishtail creates a flattering line.  A great addition to your tango wardrobe!!  (** See below for more descriptions **)

Size: M

Measurements: Waist: 78cm (unstretched), hip (unstretched): 94cm, length: 65cm (front). 78cm (back)


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Featuring a hip-hugging fit, this gorgeous multi-colour circular shapes tango skirt will make you look effortlessly poised on the dance floor.  The stretch-enhanced fabric ensures a comfortable fit, as well as allowing freedom of danceable movements. The fan-shaped fishtail and the slightly longer back create a flattering line.  The light ruching on back hip adds further femininity to this already gorgeous skirt.  A must have for your tango wardrobe.

Each unique piece of My Dear Tango Wear clothing is 100% lovingly handmade by Wendy Dear in Australia.

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