Black Chrysanthemum Tango Skirt (L)


Beautiful tango skirt featuring a gorgeous black and white chrysanthemum floral stretchy print.  The A-line skirt and the flirty slits at both sides and back create an elegant and flattering silhouette, as well as allowing plenty of room for danceable movement. Check out the online Store for a possible top to pair with the skirt.  (** See below for more descriptions **)

Size: L

Measurements: Waist (unstretched): 84cm, hip (unstretched): A-line, length: 69cm

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This beautiful black chrysanthemum tango skirt features a gorgeous black and white floral stretchy print and a black jersey waistband.  The skirt has a A-line construction with demure slits at both sides and back.  The soft and comfortable fabric stretches well to allow you to dance freely.  The drape of the skirt creates a flattering silhouette, leaving you feeling elegant and stylish.  A black or white top will match this skirt perfectly.  Check out the online store for possible choices.

Each unique piece of My Dear Tango Wear clothing is lovingly hand-made by Wendy Dear in Australia.

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